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Become a Certified Poppulo Pro

Poppulo's Certification Program takes your skills
to the next level, while adding a little gloss to your CV.

Free for all Poppulo Users

Poppulo is the world’s leading provider of internal communications software. Our expertise is developing the next generation of internal communicators through the Poppulo IC Pro User Certification Program. 

Completing the program not only gives you and your career a boost, but also adds value to your employer by ensuring your communications are of the highest quality.

Program Instructions

In order to access the program, you'll need to register on our learning management system, Docebo.

Use the following details to register:
  • A username: choose your own username.

  • A password: choose a password that is different to your Poppulo login password.

  • Your email address: you must use the same email address as your Poppulo login.

  • Your registration code: POP-CRT-2017
    (Enter this in the Code field)

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