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Poppulo Success Community
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Your Training Resources

Here you'll find all the resources you need to make the most of your Poppulo account. Whether you're new to Poppulo or would like brush up on a specific area, sign up for one of our live webinars to get hands on tutorials from our training team.


Video Series

Getting Started
This video series will take you through all aspects of your Poppulo account, how to send an email and manage your employee data.



Create and Send an Email 
A quick introduction to get started with your Poppulo account.  Learn how to create a newsletter email, create content and send the email to your employees.

2 times daily on Mondays


Employee Data 
Introducing you to our People Module. Get an in depth view of managing your data from importing your lists to segmenting your database. 

2 times daily on Tuesdays


Reports Training 
Learn how to create Custom Reports. Custom Reports enables you to drill down far deeper into particular audience segments. This session is for all levels of users from beginners to advanced, with your in-depth reporting queries answered.

2 times daily on Wednesdays


Event Module Training
Introducing you to our Event Module. Learn how to create and manage events using Poppulo as well as managing invitees for the event. 

2 times daily on Thursdays